Xcode 4 Differences for Chapter 5

The only pitfall for Chapter 5, "Variables and Memory," relates to the way Xcode 4 displays issues and warnings.

The changes in these posts are divided by section headings, in the order these appear in the book.

Working with Variables in TextApp

If you Run the application to see what happens when you add the unused variable, Xcode 4 will change various portions of the interface to display the warning:

Xcode 4 Showing a Warning

The main editor displays warnings overlaying the code, as it did under Xcode 3, but Xcode 4 also uses an Issue Navigator to display a list or errors and warnings. When the Issue Navigator appears, it uses the Navigators area on the left of the main project window. To get back to the Project Navigator to see the list of your groups and files, choose View > Navigators > Project (Cmd-1), or click the little folder icon in the selector bar above the Navigator pane.